Sooner or later, you will retire.
But the decisions you make today are the ones that will dictate your standard of living tomorrow.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Pension expert to provide a full financial planning service.

As an expert in wealth management, he can talk you through the full range of retirement options and create a bespoke plan for your future.

Given the current climate, the timing for this couldn’t be better. Over recent years, the cost of providing an adequate retirement income has increased significantly. But why?

  • Annuity rates have reduced considerably, because interest rates have fallen and people are living longer. This means you need a larger pension fund to provide the same retirement income
  • State benefits are falling and many are means tested
  • Employers are moving away from the high cost of providing Final salary benefits. This means that we must all take responsibility for our own retirement planning.

Put simply, we must consider saving more or risk the possibility of being poor when we stop working.

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