Tax Investigation

HM Revenue & Custom have the power to audit people, or their companies, any time. Every time.

Fortunately, because we know how to deal with them, we can negotiate everything on your behalf to ensure the minimal potential liability.

Our decade-long experience across HMRC investigations, VAT and Payroll/NI disputes brings:

  • Swift and effective settlement, resulting in lower professional fees
  • A sound knowledge of HMRC’s internal systems
  • A clear understanding of how the legislation is applied
  • How legislation can be interpreted and utilised effectively
  • An insight into tactical approach
  • Effective communication based upon previous experience
  • Negotiation skills ensuring the best financial settlement possible.

The Account House Guarantee:
If you are the subject of a tax investigation or compliance check by HMRC, we will:

  • Advise you whether any requests made by the inspector are reasonable
  • Prepare any documents/records they’re entitled to access
  • Ensure that a proactive approach is maintained throughout the investigation
  • Explain your rights and the inspector’s powers
  • Mount a robust defence of your position within the parameters of published legislation
  • Achieve the best possible financial settlement for you
  • Deal with any cross tax issues – for example VAT, national minimum wage, PAYE irregularities and tax credits
  • Keep you fully informed in writing and with regular no fee client conferences